This is Tiramisu Romance, the official home of UTAU voice library Amakune Ichigo! Here, you’ll be able to find information about Ichigo, as well as official artwork, demo songs & covers, and voicebank downloads. 

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{ news & updates } 

  • Official site "TIRAMISU ROMANCE" was officially launched! Updates include newly organized character information and an updated link section. If you wish to link exchange with us, please let me know! We love new friends. ^.^

  • Amakune Ichigo ACT2 [caramel apple] is officially out of beta! If you downloaded the beta version of Caramel Apple, please either re-download the updated version, or download the updated OTO.ini configuration file.

latest media

"Wanderlast" feat. Amakune Ichigo ACT2 [caramel apple]
Ichigo's ACT2 Caramel Apple beta-release voicebank demo.

Original song “Wanderlast” by feat. Megurine Luka
UST by Chasing Fireflies
Cover and mixing by Trelliah
Made with UTAU-Synth