The voicebanks listed here are not officially affiliated with this site -- they're just voicebanks I'm fond of. Please visit them! If you'd like to link exchange, let me know! I like making new friends! ^^

voicebank sites

Anna Nyui / 暗鳴ニュイ

Akesato / 緋惺

Camila Melodia

Clear Light

Cyk / サイク

Gahata Meiji /  歌幡メイジ


Hakoniwa no Mado


Honoka Elie / 仄歌エリー

Namine Ritsu / 波音リツ

Ooka Miko / 櫻歌ミコ


Sukone Tei / 健音テイ

Kasane Teto / 重音テト

Kohaku Merry & Leta

Koharune Ami / 小春音アミ

Yokune Ruko / 欲音ルコ

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