Amakune Ichigo / 甘く音イチゴ

Name Interpretation:
amakune - "sweet sound"
ichigo - "strawberry"
("Amakune" serves as a pun and play on "Macne," a reference to the Macne series of voicebanks that inspired the creation of Amakune Ichigo and Chiroru.)

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (appears to be  approximately 25-30)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: It's a secret
Character Item: Notebook & pen

Favorite food: curried rice
Favorite dessert(s): cheesecake, sugar cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries

Likes: books, reading, napping, eating sweets, watching frogs
Dislikes: ??
Weakness: cooking
Special Talent: Winning drinking contests

Signature Song: GLIDE, Tailor on Enbizaka, Escape of Salmhofer the Witch

Personality: Sweet, gentle, and perhaps a bit on the airy side, Ichigo seems to drift through life with a smile on her face, taking everything in stride. She tends to be rather forgetful, and is constantly writing down notes to remind herself of important things. She is also a terrible cook, which isn't helped at all by her poor sense of taste -- the only thing she can cook consistently well is cranberry sauce. 

voice demo

"Wanderlast" feat. Amakune Ichigo ACT2 [caramel apple]
Ichigo's ACT2 Caramel Apple beta-release voicebank demo.

Original song “Wanderlast” by feat. Megurine Luka
UST by Chasing Fireflies
Cover and mixing by Trelliah
Made with UTAU-Synth