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Tiramisu Romance is the official home and distribution site of UTAU voicebanks Amakune Ichigo and Chiroru. It is owned, operated, and hosted by Trelliah, and is part of the Studio Triela UTAU Project.

The current site design was built by Trelliah using Mobirise, illustrations by Trelliah, and brushes by env1ro.

about Trelliah

Trelliah is the creator, illustrator, and voice provider for Amakune Ichigo and Chiroru. A lady from Texas, she enjoys reading, drawing, drinking mocha frapp├ęs, and a vast assortment of music. 

Favorite book: The Martian by Andy Weir
Favorite dessert: Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee ice cream 
Favorite musical group: Kalafina

Least favorite food: fish
Weakness: sleeping in, staying up too late

technical information

Amakune Ichigo and Chiroru were recorded on a Macintosh, using the following equipment.

Microphone: MXL 990 (condenser) / AKG Perception 200 (condenser)
Preamp: ART Tube MP Project Series preamplifier
DAW: GarageBand