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Amakune Ichigo / 甘く音イチゴ

Amakune Ichigo ACT2 [caramel apple] CVVC
Single-octave sweet/solid voicebank (C#4,) configured with hiragana and romaji aliases. Slightly softer in tone than ACT1 VCV.

(This voicebank was originally released in beta, and has since been updated. If you downloaded the beta version, please download the current version, or download the updated OTO.ini below.)

Amakune Ichigo ACT1 VCV (1.2)

Single-octave Japanese-language voicebank (E4,) configured with hiragana, romaji and some katakana aliases. This voicebank has moderate support for English & Latin.

Amakune Ichigo ARIA

Powerscale voicebank (D4, E4, C5,) configured with hiragana and some katakana aliases.